Acne Laser Treatments - ACNE CLEAR LASER

Acne Laser Treatments - ACNE CLEAR LASER

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For active acne we use a blue light laser that destroys the bacteria linked to acne. This laser typically works 3 times faster than common antibiotics or topical treatments. Ideally an intensive course of treatment is undertaken with weekly sessions over a 6-8 week period. 

Acne scarring is treated with a fractional laser. This scar-fading laser breaks down the damaged scar tissue and stimulates a healing process deep within the skin layers. The treatment can help even severe cases of acne scarring. Results can be dramatic even after a few treatments although optimum results may require 4-6 sessions.

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We offer a number of different treatments for active acne and congested pores that include:

  • Blue light therapy 
  • Low energy NeoGen
  • Hydrafacial MD 
  • Chemical Peels
  • Advanced skin care solutions with Clenziderm & Tretinoin
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