IV Vitamins

IV Vitamins

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Over time our modern diet has become increasingly deficient in essential nutrients; soil depletion, methods used to process foods and prolonged storage and transportation of food all affect the quality of its nutritional content. Plus we often lack variety in our food choices while our nutritional needs have increased.

IV nutritional therapy is a procedure by which vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients are slowly administered via a small needle into the patient’s vein.

When nutrients are delivered intravenously, the digestive system is bypassed and 100% nutrient absorption is achieved. Introducing nutrients intravenously directly into the circulation ensures that your cells can easily obtain the nutrients needed to repair, heal, function and maintain optimal health.

Intavenous Vitamin Protocols include;

Athlete Sport

Detox Fat Burning

Age Defiance

Mood Support



Immune Booster

Hair Tonic

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Essential nutrients include vitamins, minerals and trace elements as well as amino acids - the building blocks for many of our cells.

They are essential as our body cannot synthesise them and therefore many of us are severely deficient in some of these key nutrients.

Benefits of IV Nutrition
• Immune support
• Anti-ageing
• Enhanced sports performance and recovery
• Higher energy levels
• Improved general well-being
• Diet and detox

Symptoms of deficiency include:
• Fatigue and lethargy
• Difficulty losing weight
• Muscular aches and pains
• Skin problems including acne and eczema
• Frequent minor illnesses (eg. coughs and colds)


Results are almost instant and with doctor lead supervised treatments, the tailor made programmes are safe