Rosacea & Redness Treatments

Rosacea & Redness Treatments


High energy wavelength therapy (Variable Pulsed Light) can effectively reduce the capillaries and redness of rosacea. This effective and safe treatment uses short, controlled pulses of filtered light energy to target the appropriate structures within the skin to reduce imperfections and improve skin texture and tone.

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Rosacea is a chronic skin condition typically characterised by diffuse redness affecting the chin, cheeks and/or chin. There may be accompanying “spots”.

Many people are seeking options other than long-term oral or topical antibiotics and here at My Beauty Doctor we can offer you an attractive alternative. Using high-energy wavelengths of light we both destroy the bacteria responsible for the acne component as well as coagulating the micro and macroscopic capillaries present in the upper layers of the skin. The result is significantly less redness and flushing, smoother skin and fewer eruptions. Rosacea treatments usually involve a course of at least 3-4 sessions. Results can be maintained with an occasional maintenance session.