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“The most powerful multi-layered skin tightening, non surgical face lift treatment currently available in the UK”

Ultracel is an advanced non-surgical skin tightening treatment working on 3 layers of the skin. Ultracel technology produces rapid and impressive results in just 1-2 sessions and outcomes last up to 3 years. With minimal or no downtime and results apparent without multiple session this treatment can be easily incorporated into our busy schedules.

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Ideal for

  • Overall skin tightening: perfect for jowls and neck

  • Reduction of fine lines & wrinkles

  • Treatment of scars and open pores

  • Treatment of active acne

  • Improve overall skin texture creating smoother younger looking skin

3 Modalities of treatment can be used alone or in combination.

LAYER 1 (GFR): Contraction of the Superficial Epidermis

Grid Fractional Radiofrequency also known as Thermage. This non invasive step delivers heat and energy to the collagen fibers of the skin causing the upper layers of the skin to tighten.

LAYER 2 (Intracel or FRM): Contraction of the Dermis

Fractional Radiofrequency Microneedling (FRM). This involves energy being delivered deeper into the tissue combining the benefits of deeper radiofrequency collagen stimulation as well as unprecedented collagen remodeling caused by microneedling. This can cause plumping and tightening of the skin. It is ideal for scarring and also treats active acne.

LAYER 3 (FUS): Contraction of the muscular layers (SMAS)

High intensity focused Ultrasound waves are used to target a layer of tissue that previously could only be improved with surgery. The superficial muscular aponeurotic system (SMAS) will tighten and contract as a direct result of the focused thermal energy applied to it when layer 3 is treated with Ultracel.


How many treatments are needed?

For skin tightening most clients will see results after 1 session. We usually recommend 2 sessions and some clients may need 3 depending on the severity of loose skin. Session spacing will vary from person to person and would vary from 3-12month intervals.

For scar treatments a course of 3 or more may be needed but again depends on severity at outset.

How quickly do I see results?

The skin usually feels tighter and smoother after a single session. Typically results from the treatment continue to improve for up to 6 months and will increase with any additional sessions.

Is there any downtime?

There is minimal downtime with layers 1 & 3 (GFR & FUS). There will be redness following the treatment of the dermis with microneedling. Typically this settles within a few days (range 3hr-3 days). Other side effects are rare.

Does it hurt?

Layers 1 & 3 do not require any anaesthetic and are typically described as a prickly sensation.

Microneedling is traditionally painful but we have developed a unique topical anaesthetic that is over 5 times stronger than the typical numbing creams used for aesthetic procedures. This ensures that an intensive treatment can be delivered without clients feeling the discomfort of the needling component of this treatment.

What is the difference between Intracel & Ultracel?

Intracel is the term used for radiofrequency microneedling that is the treatment of layer 2 described above. Ultracel is a machine that has the capabilities of treating all layers of the skin in various combinations. Your doctor will recommend the best combination of these according to your skin type and condition. Packages of treatment tackling all 3 layers will give the maximum result and result in the true alternative to a facelift.

Can I have all 3 layers treated together?

Layers 1&3 are usually treated together but will be treated separately to layer 2. If all 3 layers need to be treated we usually recommend 1x FRM followed by 1x GFR & FUS after 3 weeks. FRM can then be repeated 4-6 weeks after the first session. GFR & FUS would be repeated 3-6 months later.